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Go Solar for $0 Down, Save Money Right Away.

$0 Down

Whether you choose to lease or own your system we have flexible options so you can go solar with $0 down. You save money from day one and lock in your savings for decades to come.


You will receive a $5,000 tax credit from New York State and a 4-year Property Tax Abatement in New York City just for having your panels installed.

Free Maintenance

We’ll insure it, maintain it, monitor it, and give you a money back production guarantee.  To get started contact us to schedule a no hassle consultation with one of our solar professionals to customize your solar solution and get your questions answered.

We'll Make it Easy.

Get Started

We qualify your home, analyze your electric usage, custom design a system for your home, and answer all of your questions. All you have to do is let us know how to get in touch with you to find out if your home is a good fit for solar.

System Design

Our engineering team designs your final plan set taking into account all of your system preferences. Once your plans are complete you’ll approve your plan set before we apply for your permit.


We’ll handle all of the paperwork to get your system ready for install. We’ll install your system in under 2 days and make sure we’re squeaky clean. We even handle all of the inspections so that you don’t have to.

Power On

Now the fun part- turning your system on and watching your meter spin backwards! We’ll show you how to monitor your system so you can see your savings in real time.

Got 90 Seconds? We'll Explain Everything

What's in it for Me?

Monthly Savings

You’ll lower your monthly electric expense from day one with absolutely nothing out of pocket. We have plans for everyone whether you prefer to lease or own your system.


New York State will give you a $5,000 personal tax credit and New York City will lower your property taxes for 4 years just for installing your panels. We’ll handle all of the paperwork.

Peace of Mind

Our systems come with a bumper to bumper 25 year warranty that covers service, parts, and power output. Even though your install will be quick, we’re here for the long haul.

Sounds Good. What's the Catch?

Qualifying is Easy

The only catch is qualifying. Get a lot of sun? Only 15% of homes in New York get enough direct sunlight to qualify for the incentives that make going solar for $0 out of pocket possible. Qualifying is pretty simple; you need a roof with enough room to install a solar array, minimal shading from trees or surrounding buildings, and an electric bill of $100 or more. Sound like you? Chat with one of our solar specialists to find out if your home is right for solar. We’ll make it quick and painless.

Percent of Homes Which Qualify

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Why You Need Solar Panels

More Power Means More Savings

8kW Conventional Solar Panel

Conventional Panels

Most solar companies use conventional panels which means you need more panels to offset your electric bill. Conventional panels have a larger footprint than SunPower® panels and have a lower cell efficiency so they don’t produce as much electricity per square foot.


Same System, 20% More Power

We use SunPower® high efficiency panels so we can achieve the same size system as the other guys with 30% less roof space. Watt for watt, your SunPower system will produce 20% more power over it’s life than conventional solar panels.


Same Roof, 75% More Power

Not only do our panels produce more power right away, but they produce more power over their lifetime. On the same roof space we are able to generate 75% more power over the life of your system which means thousands more in savings for you.

Have More Questions?

We’re happy to answer them. Check out the top 10 most common questions in our FAQ. You can always contact us if you have specific questions.

System Components

How does your system turn sunlight into savings? Learn more about how a solar energy system works to help you lower your monthly electric bill for decades to come.

Solar Power Solar Power Video

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